The Line-Dance Academy of Spain (ABCLDE) has its starting point with the meeting of a group of Spanish instructors and line-dance event directors, that in the last few years have been working in Northeastern Spain. We believe in a different way to work and organize, and also to compete. That's why this new organization was launched February 2005.

First Board of Directors has the following people:

President: Juan Castaños Pérez

Vice-President 1st: Gabriel Ibañez Moltó

Secretary: Rafel Corbí Vilardell

Vocal 1st: Francisca Monroy Franco
Vocal 2nd: Maria Aranzazu Allué Nuñez
Vocal 3rd: Rosa Llenas Ribera
Contact e-mail:

Before the first year, this Board do new elections, to do a renovation with new accepted members or to continue with its work if the members decide so.

International information e-mail to:

Membership (Free)